Doing the right thing

….even when it might get you in trouble.Image


Erin Cox was captain of her volleyball team until she answered a friend’s plea for help. On her way home from work, Erin was about to give an intoxicated friend a ride home from a party when the party was broken up by law enforcement. They stopped Erin, verified that she didn’t have possession of any alcohol and hadn’t been drinking, but that wasn’t enough for her school district. After finding out that Erin had been present at the party even for just a few moments, she was demoted from captain and suspended for 5 games. She was punished for going out of her way to be a good friend. But what’s inspiring about Erin is that she’s not sitting back to take an undeserved consequence. She’s fighting back to make the district reevaluate their blind zero alcohol tolerance policy. Erin is an excellent example of standing up for yourself, even when you don’t have as much power as the authority you fight. Never let injustice go unopposed. 


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