What is time?



In my Spanish class, we’re learning how to say how much time has passed, or for how long something has been happening. To do so, we use the word “hacer,” followed by the amount of time and then the rest of the sentence. The interesting part is this – “hacer” means “to make.” A literal translation of a sentence with hacer+time into English explains how much time has been made.

How much time has been made?

All of it.

Think about it. The sun rises and sets, but who divided the days in between into hours? Humans. How often do we complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day, or that the weeks are going by too quickly, and yet who is responsible for the ticking clocks and calendars and birthdays and anniversaries? We are.

Consider this – an existence without deadlines. Not just suffering through the week in hopes of making it to the weekend, but actually living every day in the TGIF mindset, because Friday is every day or no day at all, always is or never was. Imagine waking up when your body was rested and your mind was clear, instead of when the small machine ticking away at manmade seconds starts blaring. 

Obviously, it’s not a feasible reality. Human beings need this quantification of time in order to function as a productive society. If everyone rolled out of bed whenever they pleased, they might not at all. It would be very confusing to try to make plans without having a date to set them for, and personally, I enjoy the celebration of my birth. 

But think about this – how much time has been made, and how have you made use of it?

What do you make time for? Are you happy with the time you’ve had? Is it enough?

Men consciously decided to create time, to measure our moments in seconds and minutes, so it’s time we consciously decide to make the most of it.


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